MIA Film is the first European film industry gathering in the fall season where to find new films in all stages of development and production. Set in the unique and fascinating scenery of the ancient Rome’s surroundings, MIA is your best ally to enhance your network, secure your films co-productions and sales and acquisitions’ operations.

MIA Film is:
• An international co-production market and pitching forum, discovering and supporting emerging and acclaimed filmmakers alike;
• A market platform for screening high-quality films and take a preview of productions coming out in 2021. See Guidelines, rates and deadlines HERE
• A place where to stimulate exchange of ideas and best practices through the MIA talks series, offering in-depth analyses and identifying new business models;
• A “networking & business booster”: an informal business hub and matchmaking accelerator, whose focus is to help you forging and maintaining connections for strategic and lasting business ties. From the exclusive lounges where people can relax in between the daily-schedule, to panels and matchmaking initiatives where meetings are pre-arranged based on mutual business interests or on a specific topic, to the happy hours and parties where people mingle, MIA eases the networking and brings people together.
• A Visibility Propeller: MIA offers all sales agents and film promotion institutes the possibility to reserve their branded promotional areas & tables to make their daily business schedule more comfortable and efficient, while maximising visibility in the very heart of the business-making main venue. See all opportunities here.

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