Meet the Future

Meet the Future is a brand new initiative by MIA Market 2020, a booster dedicated to start-ups, innovative companies and new generations of young professionals.

Meet the Future includes the following on-site & online activities:

MIA New Generation
MIA New Generation is a new initiative entirely dedicated to accessing the market for the new generation of the audiovisual sector. In partnership with the best universities in Italy, MIA New Generation offers a selection of very young professionals, who aspire to pursue a managerial career in the audiovisual sector, the opportunity not only to follow a training and tutoring program created exclusively for them, but also to participate in all the activities of MIA 2020.

Lazio MIA International Showcase
In concert with the Lazio Region, UnionCamere Lazio and Camera di Commercio di Roma, MIA has selected 8 innovative companies and startups from Lazio operating in the audiovisual field, which present cutting-edge solutions in the field of development, production, post-production, and distribution of audiovisual works, environmental sustainability, copyright, transparency and piracy.
The eight selected companies will have the opportunity to present themselves during the “Lazio MIA International Showcase” in front of industry professionals and potential buyers. Following, targeted one-to-one meetings will be organized between companies and MIA participants.

Innovation Opportunities in Italy: Encounter with the Secretary of State Mirella Liuzzi of the Ministry of Economic Development.
The Secretary of State Hon. Mirella Liuzzi will give an in-depth overview of the new European and Italian programs, supported by the Ministry of Economic Development, in the frame of the wider EU regulations, dedicated to technological innovation and their application to the audiovisual sector in a future multi-platform digital environment, aiming to set a fair contest for all players of the value chain.

Game, Set, Match
A pitching session in which five Italian video game development studios will present their most representative products, offering a starting point for multiple opportunities for collaboration with filmmakers. The session is offered by MIA in collaboration with Rome Videogame Lab, the Italian festival of applied games, and First Playable, the reference international B2B event for the gaming sector in Italy. Simone Arcagni will present it.

Videogame tech for filmmaking: virtual production, game engines and animation
Series such as “The Mandalorian” have paved the way for new methods of producing films and TV series through the use of technologies that derive from the video game sector (such as, for example, the engines of the Unreal Engine or Unity). In this meeting we will explore how this and other technologies can support, and in many cases facilitate, the work of filmmakers. Manuela Cacciamani for Direct 2 Brain, Giacomo Talamini for Hive Division and Mauro Fanelli for MixedBag will attend the event. Marco Spagnoli moderates and intervenes.