Karin Dix hosts an open conversation with the International Casting Director Cassandra Han.

There’s really no such thing as a stupid question… and at this intimate roundtable, an American/European casting director will field them all. What attracts a name actor to a given project – and what defines a “bankable” actor anyway? Do I have to sign a GR1 with SAG/AFTRA? What does a CD bring to the table, and how do I get the most out of having hired one? The discussion will be geared towards giving producers real-world solutions to current challenges, and demystifying the nuts and bolts of the casting process for world sales and other interested parties. Anonymous questions welcome.

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To register, please write to: coproduction@miamarket.it


Host: Karin Dix (Project Manajer of Shooting Stars, European Film Promotion)
Speaker: Cassandra Han (Casting Director)