Ignacio Corrales, born in Santander, Spain, has a degree in Business Administration from Universidad Complutense (Madrid), holds an Executive MBA from IE Business School (Madrid) as well as a Master in Internet Business by ISDI (Madrid).
In recent years, Corrales has held various positions of responsibility. For Vértice 360 he served as General Director of Operations (2007-2009), General Director (2009-2011) and General Director of Development (2011-2012).
He later became Director of TVE (2012-2014), Vice President of Lavinia (2014-2015), General Director of NeverSeen (2015-2017) and CEO for Atresmedia Studios (2018-2020).
Being a specialist in management of audiovisual corporations, Corrales has developed a successful career and possess deep experience in content production, both in fiction and entertainment.
In 2020, Ignacio Corrales has been appointed as CEO of BUENDÍA ESTUDOS.

MIA Drama Advisory Board 2020