Director & Head of Studies | ACE Producers

Jacobine van der Vloed is the Director & Head of Studies at Amsterdam-based ACE Producers, taking on the role in January 2017. ACE Producers exists to provide top quality executive training in European creative producing and entrepreneurialism, strengthening the possibilities of producer collaboration and fostering the exchange of high level knowledge about the audio-visual industry.
Before that she worked for over ten years for the International Film Festival Rotterdam (CineMart & Hubert Bals Fund), as well as in many other capacities within the industry. In the four years before joining ACE Producers she co-founded the Art:Film initiative, worked as a teacher at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, was a talent agent for directors and screenwriters at Henneman Agency, and consulted for several markets and festivals. She graduated with a Masters Degree in Cultural History from the University of Utrecht in 2002.

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