Secretary of State | Ministry of Economic Development

MP of the Republic of Italy and State Under-Secretary at the Ministry of Economic Development.
At 2013 general elections she was elected to Parliament for the XVII term in the XXII regional constituency Basilicata for the Five Star Movement. During the XVII term she was member of the Rai Supervision Commission and the IX Commission "Transport, Postal Services and Telecommunications". From March 2017 to March 2018 she was secretary of the parliament group of the 5 Star Movement. At 2018 general elections she was the top-candidate for the Chamber of Deputies in the Basilicata constituency. She was elected by the Chamber of Deputies as secretary to the Presidency on 29 March 2018 and also in the XVIII term she was member of the IX Commission "Transport, Postal Services and Telecommunications" as well as the Rai Supervision Commission. On 13 September 2019 she was appointed State Undersecretary to the Ministry of Economic Development during the 'Conti II' government. She holds positions in telecommunications, digital policies, emerging technologies and radio and TV.

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