Director | Open Lab S.r.l.

Pietro Polsinelli is a developer and researcher with 30 years of experience in modeling and application development for corporations and institutions.
Since 2010 he is working as game designer for applied games: education, health, social awareness, promotional. See
Since 2019 he is a researcher at Milan Bicocca University in the research group on “games for health”.
Since 2018 designing, writing, developing and directing the development of commercial games. In September 2019 released Football Drama,, a narrative and strategic game on football.
Became Open Lab director in 2019 and turned the company in a 100% game development one.
In 2020 he is directing and developing Roller Drama,, a narrative and strategic game on Roller Derby.

As a game designer and developer he works mainly in applied games in the fields of health, social impact, education for the European Union, universities and research centers.

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