Independent Films Distribution at the Time of the Streamers
(Closed Doors Round Table)

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Fuelled by the ongoing pandemic Covid-19, the rise of the streaming platforms is steadily increasing, and the VOD market is getting more and more crowded. To face these challenges, independent distributors have been teaming up with VOD, SVOD and TVOD platforms to seek and implement innovative hybrid models, which may become a permanent part of an evolving film ecosystem. Not only OTT, but niche and specialised streamers are becoming key partners in delivering independent films to audiences. But what does that mean for distributors and sales agents? What benefits might these new approaches and practices bring and how might these evolving patterns affect business models and deals?


Host: Michael Gubbins

Speakers: Kevin Chan (MUBI, UK), Thania Dimitrakopoulou (The Match Factory, Germania), Eve Gabereau (Modern Films, UK), Stefano Massenzi (Lucky Red, Italia), Mattias Nohrborg (TriArt Film, Svezia), Susan Wendt (TrustNordisk, Danimarca)