Sustainability in the Audiovisual Industry is an objective that involves all the stages of the value chain, from development to distribution. This panel aims at providing the audience with the most updated information about the trends, the opportunities of support and the cutting-edge technological innovations that are enabling the Audiovisual sector to go green.
With Mercedes Fernandez Alonso, Managing Director of Torino Film Lab, we will discuss how a sustainable approach can already start from the very early stages of a project’s development. Benoit Ruiz, researcher and environmental and innovation expert, will provide an overview of the most recent technological breakthroughs that can be used at different stages of the value chain to reduce the impact on the environment. Finally, with Charlotte Appelgren, Secretary-General of CINE REGIO, participants will learn about the many initiatives and opportunities offered by regional funds of EU Countries for supporting and fostering sustainability among film and TV productions.



Gabriele Niola, Journalist & Film Critic


Mercedes Fernandez Alonso, Managing Director Torino Film Lab
Benoit Ruiz, Researcher, Environmental and Innovation Expert
Charlotte Appelgren, Secretary-General of CINE REGIO