We’re proud to announce  the creation of the ANICA ACADEMY Foundation. An unprecedented collaboration among operators who will shape the future of the audiovisual industry.
A collective investment on the ability to innovate the educational and training offer, give job opportunities especially for young people, help the career of already established professionals.
With the aim to take up the challenge of excellence that international competition requires.

Live Streaming: Palazzo Barberini, Sala 2 – Aranciera


Moderator: Piera Detassis

Francesco Rutelli (President, Anica), Giampaolo Letta (CEO, Medusa), Eleonora Andreatta (Vice President Original Series Italy, Netflix), Fabrizio Salini (CEO, Rai) Jaime Ondarza (EVP South Hub at ViacomCBS EMEEA), Massimiliano Orfei (COO, Vision Distribution)